CrystalReports Export Issue

Today I was stuck up with exporting crystal reports from an ASP.NET application. It was throwing the following exception

Error in File C:\DOCUME~1\NAMO1\ASPNET\LOCALS~1\Temp\temp_ea29ba79-be60-4bd1-8422-671b26d615ae.rpt: Error detected by export DLL:

Anybody got this before. If yes and you are using any BLOB field in report datasource, then continue reading. This post explains a solution for this problem.

In my crystal report I am binding dynamic images. It’s a report file which print packing slip, and the company logo was a user specified one. It’s working with setting a datatable contains BLOB data ( Image ) as datasource for the report.

Crystal reports can show only jpg and bmp type of images. This error comes when any unsupported image files are binded. Make sure that image file you are binding is not a gif file. It should be a jpg/bmp file.


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